the lazy blogger

I KNOW! I haven't had a really great blog post lately.

My laziness first appeared last week when I crashed (big time!) after my nephew Robert's Bike & Build fundraising dinner. My sister-in-law organized the entire thing complete with buffet dinner, bar, music and dancing and the big to-do: 4 tables full of donated gifts to be raffled and auctioned off. WOW! It was amazing! And I was her right-hand man!

With my "stay-at-home" mom job and my amazing ability to run 6 million errands in two hours, I helped out wherever I could.


Tulle for the raffle table?

Bike-related decorations?

Forty pounds of spiral cut ham?

We were back and forth with each other so much, all I had to do was hit send on my cell phone since her number was most likely the last one I had called.

Another one of my duties was to make a lap quilt to be auctioned off on the silent auction table. It was an honor for me to be able to help wherever I could and if some of that included sewing well... how could I refuse!

And so I made this lovely little triple Irish Chain in black and white and apple green. I was nervous at first that it would be too boring but then I really liked it!

Of course I used my embroidery machine to do this cute little circle quilt design in the center of all of the solid blocks. Someday I'll have a long arm and all my problems will be solved but for now, my little Bernina will do.

I also did a scalloped edge binding around the entire quilt which, I felt, softened it up a bit.

I backed the quilt with this totally cool green and yellow and blue paisley that reminded me of Vera Bradley or Lily Pulitzer. A nice POW to the simple black and white front. And for the final touch, I pieced together a house block to use as a label for the quilt - complete with Rob's thanks!

The quilt went for a very nice price with some pretty good bidding. Hooray for aunties! ;)

Of course, what kind of event would it be if my peeps didn't have something new to wear!

I made a top and pants for Ava from Ottobre 1/2008. The "Polka Dot" top is quilters cotton -- I just LOVED the color -- and trimmed with black and white gingham. You can't see it here in the pic because of her hair but it has a little slit near the left shoulder with ties made from the gingham.

The pants are the "Desert" pants I made from 100% linen. The pattern called for elastic to be sewn into the outer leg and inner leg seams but I ended up just doing it on the outer leg. I also tapered it in a little bit so it was snugger and cropped them up a bit. They are TOO cute! Like MC Hammer pants! hehe

The boy looked totally cool (as always) in the "multi pocket" long shorts from Ottobre 3/2008. They're made from this almost-but-not-really sears sucker looking cotton I got at the Sewing Expo.

I don't know if you can see the stripe in it but they are so nice! The fly gave me a little trouble on these -- I don't know why -- but they still look good. And, of course, what kind of post would it be without a picture of my son's butt.

The back pockets on these shorts were so cool! They each had two pleats on each side that then were pressed in opposite directions so they almost twisted. I was loving them! I would definitely make him these pants again!

So....do you see now why I was a bit too tired to blog? Throw in a weeks worth of rain and the impending visitor .... well, lets just say my kids were lucky they even ate last week. I have been keeping up and reading all of my favorite blogs and promise to post some comments soon!

Next up... my first pair of men's trousers! YEEPS!

PS Happy belated Mother's Day to all my mother friends out there! Our day was beautiful and I'll try and blog all about that very soon! Mama got a new table topper and I was blessed with some sweetness from my family, too!


  1. shellie!

    hi! i am trying to catch up on so many things this week, including blogging!

    it sounds like the fundraiser went well. ham sandwiches, anyone? i love the note from rob on your quilt -- that is always such a beautiful touch (like on mine)! the clothes you made the kiddies are fabuloso!!! i want ed's pants in XL for me (LOL).

    let's get together soon over coffee!

    miss & love,

  2. Wow. You have been busy. I love the quilt! I don't think that I could be so precise! And the pants are great. I need to make my son something. He is growing like a weed!

  3. I love that quilt! The scalloped border is a perfect touch. good job!

  4. As always Shellie....great job...wether it be blogging or sewing or whatever you always blow me away.
    Elyse--what are you talking about XL? You're so thin.

    Love, mom

  5. Hey, are you still interested in being in my 'Around the World' quilting bee? Let me know...I sent you an email about it :)

  6. I love this quilt! I've been looking at tons of irish chains, and find most too drab for my taste. Thanks for the inspiration!